Transportation to Isle Royale National Park

Ranger III

128 passenger vessel, 6 hours one way Schedule via Houghton, Michigan
Trips depart at 9 am EDT

Passenger Season: Early June - Mid September

Houghton to Rock Harbor Lodge: Tuesday & Friday
Rock Harbor Lodge to Houghton: Wednesday & Saturday

Contact: National Park Service
800 E. Lakeshore Drive
Houghton, MI 49931
Phone: 906-482-0984

Isle Royale Queen IV

100 passenger vessel, 3 hours one way

Schedule via Copper Harbor, Michigan
Trips depart Copper Harbor at 8 am and Rock Harbor at 2:45 pm EDT

June 1st - 8th: Monday & Friday only

June 11th - June 23rd: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
(every day except Wednesday, and Sunday)

June 23rd  - July 21st: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (every day except Wednesday)

July 22nd - August 28th: EVERY DAY
August 28th-September 14th: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

The Isle Royale Queen IV arrives in Rock Harbor around 11:30 AM, and departs Rock Harbor at 2:45 PM.

Contact: The Isle Royale Line
Box 24
Copper Harbor, MI 49918
Phone: 906-289-4437

All canoes, kayaks, and excess gear must have advance reservations. Cancellations: Individual reservations require 72-hour notice for a refund. Group reservations of 10 or more require 2-week notice for refund. There is a 15% cancellation charge for all reservations.

Voyageur II

Grand Portage - Windigo: 2 hours
Windigo - Rock Harbor: 5 hours

(2 day round trip)
Schedule via Grand Portage, Minnesota
Grand Portage to Rock Harbor: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Rock Harbor to Grand Portage: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Voyageur does not stop at any docks other than Windigo and Rock Harbor unless there are reservations.

Contact: Grand Portage Isle Royale Transportation Lines, Inc. 
PO Box 366
Grand Portage, MN 55605
Phone: 218-600-0765

Sea Hunter III

Grand Portage - Windigo: 1 ½ hours
Trips depart Grand Portage at 8:30 am and Windigo at 2 pm CDT

Contact: Grand Portage Isle Royale Transport Line, Inc.
PO Box 366
Grand Portage, MN 55605
Phone: 218-600-0765


Isle Royale Seaplanes

Isle Royale Seaplanes flies from their Houghton County Portage Canal in Hancock, MI as well as Devil’s Track airport in Grand Marais, MN.

Isle Royale Seaplanes flies to the island 5 times per day, every day of the week with the exception of Wednesday.

Flights to/from Grand Marais, MN:
Isle Royale National Park:
Windigo: 25 minutes
Rock Harbor: 45 minutes

Flights to/from Houghton, MI:
Isle Royale National Park:
Windigo: 35 minutes
Rock Harbor: 45 minutes

Passenger Season: Mid May - Mid September

Reservations: (toll-free) 877-359-4753 or 906-483-4991

Maximum baggage capacity is 50 pounds per person.
Baggage service provided for all guests by Rock Harbor Lodge bellmen.

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